June 2, 2015: Spot and Running at Large

The number of stray dogs and dogs running the street is insane in our target area. The majority of them are unfixed male large breed dogs. If only the owners would get them fixed and keep them contained, this would prevent a lot of tragedy and heartbreak for innocent victims, other dogs, cat and people alike, as well as the irresponsible owners, that many times are repeat offenders!!!!

Spot, one of our favorite neutered pit bulls, was attacked for the third time, by a different stray large male dog each time.

These incidents are always reported to animal control and we truly hope that the owners of these dogs at large are being held responsible and accountable.

We see dozens of unfixed dogs and cats lost and found every single day on social media lost and found sites. How about promoting spay and neuter for these animals to keep them closer to home, stop them from breeding and curb many aggressive behaviors!

Thankfully Spot has healed up but this is a very big ongoing problem with animals roaming the streets and lost and found animals!

Get your dogs and cats fixed!!! Promote spay and neuter on social media lost and found sights. We are all for getting animals back together with their owners, but for crying out loud, get them fixed so the chances of it happening again are slimmer!!!!

spot and dogs running at large


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