June 15, 2015: Cat Program

The Animal Care Network is still fighting the cat overpopulation in our target
area and mandate that all cats be spayed and neutered, young or old, indoor or outdoor, male or female in order to receive food assistance.  Many of these cats are owned, others are cats from the streets that kind citizens are trying to help and care for.

Sadly, our target areas are not always a safe haven for outdoor cats.

Animal Care Network volunteers are on the streets every single day rescuing cats and kittens, offering free spay and neuter, transportation and helping cat owners with food once their cats are fixed! This keeps us very, very busy.

Our combined, focused efforts and worthwhile life saving programs are truly making a difference for the cats, kittens and cat owners in our little corner of the world.

Please donate to the Animal Care Network to keep these programs alive!!


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