June 10, 2015: I Told You So

We ran into these two male dogs about 6 months ago. The owner had the white dog for several years and then got another male puppy.

This was a one time complimentary food drop where we told them our guidelines and offered FREE neuter for both dogs. I told him that they would eventually fight and it
would not be pretty. He did not want to hear it and did not want them neutered.

Well I ran into the guy the other day, 6 months later, while the new puppy is becoming an adult.

I asked him “have they started fighting yet” and he said “yes”.

“Are you ready to get them fixed yet” I asked and he of course said “not yet”.

I told him that before long, it would be too late and once they really start to fight seriously, the damage will be done.

Sadly, many men do not want to believe this and refuse to get their males done. They take is as a personal attack on their manhood. I told him to call us if he changes his mind and off I went, knowing very well what is to come.

To be continued……………this inevitable tragedy waiting to happen will be no ones fault but the owners. Real men get their dogs neutered!!!


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