June 1, 2015: Extreme Makeover Cocker Style

This is the best Extreme Cocker makeover ever, thanks to Michigan Animal Rescue League!!!

These two Cocker Spaniels started out okay when they were puppies, but then turned in to backyard breeder dogs, living outside in a muddy pen, with no grooming and no vaccines or medical care. Brother and sister breeding together.

Thankfully the owner called the Animal Care Network to pick these guys up and we responded immediately.

A huge thanks to the Michigan Animal Rescue League for taking them into their adoption program, getting them groomed, doing their medical and getting them spayed and neutered before adoption.

These two were very frightened coming out of this bad situation but very quickly blossomed into some very cool, happy dogs. There was actually a double shooting at this address two days after we picked up the dogs.

Sadly in our target area, we see too much neglect of small dogs and purebred dogs also. Lack of grooming, lack of socialization, lack of medical and lack of spay neuter makes for a very bad environment. Many end up living outside like these guys.

They Jack and Jill will find wonderful homes through MARL, so another happy ending!
Don’t they look awesome!

extreme cocker makeover part 1

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