July 7, 2015: Sherlock

A big thank you to our Kim for rescuing Sherlock out of a very neglectful situation.

You name it Sherlock had it, ear infections, skin infections, eye infection, skinny, overgrown nails, swollen feet, sores and growths, not neutered.

OMG what a mess, but what a super cool, friendly, awesome dog Sherlock is, even with all those issues and medical problems.

More thanks to the Michigan Animal Rescue League for taking Sherlock on. It took them over a month of medical care and treatment to get him available for adoption! When MARL commits to an animals they do whatever it takes to get them healthy, fixed and up for adoption.

Sherlock is available for adoption at the Michigan Animal Rescue League. He is a wonderful dog that did not let his years of neglect affect his personality.

Thank you to everyone involved in this rescue and rehabilitation!


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