July 3, 2015: Cat Rescue ACN Weekend Team

There are hundreds of streets in our target area with stray, abandoned cats, that are reproducing and searching for food and safety in a not so safe neighborhoods. These cats are tortured, injured, sick, hungry and thirsty. These ARE NOT owned cats, the ACN knows these streets and most people. So every chance that we get we try to rescue them.

The Fourth of July time is a major time for bad people to torture these cats and kittens, throw fireworks at them and actually attempt to blow kittens up with firecrackers. Absolutely disgusting, so any chance we get, we get them off the streets!

Here is a play by play of Marie patiently rescuing a hungry cat from one of these streets. Her technique paid off and this nice female cat was rescued. Luckily we were able to
get her into one of our rescue partners!!!!

Good work Marie!!! One more cat with a chance for a better life!  One less cat reproducing in an already heavily populated area where there are no caretakers and no one feeding them.

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.”


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