July 29, 2015: Doghouse Delivery

Its a good thing that we stopped at this house on this hot 90 degree day.

The owner had requested doghouses for his two pit bulls, of course we told him
that we could not provide assistance unless the dogs are fixed. He agreed We got these two nice young pit bulls neutered through our spay neuter program and said we would bring the doghouses after they had healed up because they could not be outside 24/7 after being fixed.

Doghouse delivery day, a downpour had just gotten over when we got to the house.  Poor dogs were tangled and extremely thirsty.

You can see the white dog looking out the fence while Frankie is putting
the doghouses together. He was begging for our help.

We set up the doghouses, gave them both fresh food and water and the owner let them loose so they could run around. They were so happy.

Sadly in our target areas many dogs live on chains and there is nothing that we can do but talk to the owners and educate them.

Just very happy that we stopped her when we did. We will continue to monitor these guys!

doghouse delivery


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