July 28, 2015: Thank You to Sue and Angie

A very big heartfelt thank you to Sue and Angie for covering the Animal Care Network Pontiac program for the last week.

The two of them have taken over 200 phone calls on the ACN dispatch phone and handled every single one of them. These calls consisted of food assistance, wellness checks, spay neuter, doghouse requests, referrals, rescue calls, animal pick up calls, you name it!

They rescued 16 dogs and cats and did spay and neuter transport pick up and return,
confirmation calls and after calls.

Sue was out all weekend checking on outdoor dogs to make sure they had water among other things as well as checking the voice mail.

Angie also coordinated our Third Annual Cindy’s Wing’s remembrance run. She also put together ACN packets and coordinated food donation deliveries and unloading at our storage unit.

Sadly they also had to have several suffering/dying animals humanely euthanized for people in the community which is always most difficult. Angie was running to this shelter, then that shelter, to this vet and to that vet, taking rescue animals to foster homes, non stop every day.

They also kept logs of every call that they took and everything that they did for our record keeping.

Thank you so very much you two for taking on this responsibility and handling it like the pros that you are. You are true champions to our organization and we are so thankful and appreciative for your dedication to the program and to the animals. The community also appreciates you very much!

Carry on gals!


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