July 28, 2015: Owners

Many people may think that the Animal Care Network runs would be a fun
cool thing to do, but sadly that is not the case. The volunteers run into one
heartbreaking situation after another. They are very thorough on every single
address, sometimes this may be the only chance we have to check on the animals,
improve the situation and educate owners.

We never know if we will be greeted with a welcome or kicked off the property and
have the door slammed in our faces. Doing “the door” and talking with owners is
always a challenge.

Congrats to Team Marie who ALWAYS attempts to get the owners to come out
with them so that they can point out problems, issues and concerns with their
outdoor, chained dogs. If we cannot rescue these dogs, the next thing that we
can do is try our best to make them more comfortable and EDUCATE the owners
on proper and humane care. Let’s show them the tight collar, let’s show them the
bloody ears, let’s show them the algae filled mud filled bowls, let’s show them
the tangled chain, maybe then they will pay more attention. That is what we hope

Great work as always team.


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