July 27, 2015: Horrible Living Environment

This is a dog that we check on periodically that we had spayed awhile back.

We initially did not like the set up so really tried to get her surrendered but they would not give her up.

Upon a routine check on a hot day, this is the condition that we found her in. She was
tangled through the back step, around a bunch of plaster and garbage and then around the garbage can. There were broken bottles all over the place.

There was a language barrier with the person at the house, so they got the owner on the phone. We offered to take the dog into our rescue but NO, that was not going to happen. We told her that the dog was overheating, could not move and there was broken bottles all over the place. She became very angry and denied that there were ANY bottles out there at all. Well pictures speak the truth don’t they? We cleared the area, gave her food and water
and repeated that we would be more than happy to take this dog and find her a nice home. This was on a weekend so

This is what happens to many poor dogs that are chained or cable and left unattended, this can happen in just minutes. We are constantly telling owners to check on their dogs often if they are chained or cabled.

This is just a bad situation for a really good dog. We will continue to check on her and hopefully will succeed in rescuing her. We will be back!


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