July 27, 2015: Elvis, Roxy, and Lowrider

Meet Elvis, Roxy and Lowrider (love the name)! All three mixed “black and tans”.

Their owner heard about the Animal Care Network and really needed some help getting Roxy and Lowrider fixed. He had previously had Elvis neutered but was financially unable to afford to get Roxy and Lowrider done. In steps ACN.

Roxy and Lowrider were quickly fixed (before any “accidents’ happened!) through the Animal Care Network program. The owner wanted to make a small contribution toward this, however we thought it would be best if he saved that money so he could get all three dogs vaccinated at the All About Animals vaccination clinic.

So today all three of these super nice dogs are fixed and vaccinated!

These dogs are kept inside, are well fed and very much loved! Lowrider rules the roost of course!

What a great program huh?

Please donate to the Animal Care Network spay and neuter program today so that we can continue to tell great stories such as this!!!!


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