July 24, 2015: Titi

The Animal Care Network has been checking on TiTi for years, we had her spayed
over five years ago. TiTi lives outside 24/7 on a chain, as well all know it is not illegal
by Michigan State Law.

We always worry about her because she is isolated way in the back of the yard,
behind the garage, rarely has food or water and her area is usually pretty nasty.
We have tried to rescue TiTi but they will not surrender her and our group does
not have the authority to remove animals. We are repeatedly educating the owners
on proper and humane care, keeping the area clean, etc etc etc. Keeping the area
clean and keeping the dogs cool with a constant supply of water is critical now more
than ever because of the heat and flies.

At the beginning of the month when our volunteers got there, they were actually
cleaning up her area. We were very pleased.

This weekends stop was even better! To our great surprise and jubilation the area
was completely cleaned again and Titi was getting a bath. Imagine how good that
must have felt for her in this hot humid weather, she was smiling from ear to ear!
We also provided her with an extra long cable so that she has more room to move
around and get into the shade.

Did we get through to the owners after all these years? It appears so, but we will
continue to check on her!

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