July 23, 2015: Don’t Forget about the Transport to the Transport

The Animal Care Networks provides transportation Monday through Saturday for many pet owners to get their dogs and cats to the veterinarian for their spay neuter appointments.

This is a critical part of the spay neuter program. Many owners have no transportation,  broken down vehicles no gas, are homebound, seniors, pet owners with medical issues that cannot leave home or drive, even people that are on house arrest or wearing tethers, or owners that do not have driver’s licenses. If there is any reason whatsoever, we will pick the dogs and cats up in the rescue van or our personal vehicles, whatever it takes to
get this done!!

Here are some very thankful pet owners and their dogs and cats that were very grateful for the community service that the Animal Care Network provides.

A big thank you to Angie and Sue for always being willing to help with this!

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