July 22, 2015: Big Mama, Keeko, and Timber. Back to Visit!

Three more of our favorite bully breed dogs in the city!

However Melissa and her family moved to the other side of the state with these dogs a couple years ago and we have not seen them since.

They came back to visit for the 4th of July holiday and called ACN to say hello and see if we wanted to come see the dogs which of course we did.

All three of these super cool dogs, who can also perform tricks were fixed many years ago by ACN. The owner said there are absolutely no program like ours where they live now and could not believe how much we had help them over the years.

Big Mama, Keko and Timber were very happy to see us and we also brought along a couple BIG BAGS of dog food and treats thanks to a food collection from Bowl 4 Animal Rescue!!!!!!!!!!

It was really great to see these guys and even better that the owners relocated the dogs with them when they had to move!!!

Notice their graying faces in their senior years, so cute. Believe me these three innocent faces got into some trouble in their younger days….LOL!

big mamo, keko, and timber, back to visit

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