July 21, 2015: Third Annual Cindy’s Wings Pontiac ACN Remembrance

Last week we held our Third Annual Cindy’s Wings Pontiac ACN remembrance
run in honor of Cindy Merz’s birthday and in remembrance of her and all of her
heartfelt and compassionate work. Cindy’s favorite thing to do was be on the
streets working with pet owners and helping animals. Even when she was so sick,
this is what she wanted to be doing. She always said “this is what makes me
feel better”. Cindy was such an inspiration and a huge part of our team as
well as a very dear friend, a true one of a kind. Boy do we miss her!

Once again, it was a absolute beautiful, blue sky day. The team consisted of
Chuck (Cindy’s husband), Annette, Heather, Courtney, Daniel, Angie and Dean.

These guys knocked out nearly forty addresses, dropping off food, treats and
literature to pet owners that really needed the help. These guys did awesome!

A really big thank you to our Angie for stepping in and coordinating this entire

You guys sure did Cindy proud!!!! Thanks team!

We miss you and love you Cindy!


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