July 20, 2015: Two More Pit Bulls Rescued

The Animal Care Network received non stop phone calls every single day to rescue or pick up dogs and cats. It is just never ending. Some days we receive 80 phone calls in one day for various things.

Bosco and Mimi’s owners called and wanted to get rid of the older puppies immediately and as always we have to respond immediately or they may be “let go” or passed on to someone that will not take proper care of them.

Bosco was living in a backyard with no food, no water and no shelter. Mimi was living in a rental home that did not allow pets.

Both dogs were hungry, thirsty, had terrible fleas and have never had any vaccines so they are on “parvo watch” while they are gaining weight and being evaluated.

Thanks to Angie and Sue for going to get them immediately and bringing them to a foster home. They are both super friendly dogs that need lots of training!

We are always looking for foster homes at the last minute, some short term, some long term. If you are interested in fostering older puppies and adult large breed dogs please call Chris at 248-545-5055.  Experience is a must!

two more pitt bulls rescued

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