July 2, 2015: Good People in the Community

The Animal Care Network program can sometimes be very difficult, we witness many things that we would rather not see, day in and day out.

These things keep us up at night and worrying about the animals is all too common.

But then unexpectedly we get this really cool note and picture from someone in the community that we absolutely adore.

Katie and Gregor are the owners of Frankie, Harley and Boots, all neutered through the ACN spay neuter program years ago. The boys are spoiled rotten and very much loved.

Katie and Gregory always keep their eyes out for animals in trouble and have helped us out at vaccine clinics and are always willing to help!

They recently sent us a couple of messages with a couple of pictures. That really goes a long, long way in the midst of sadness, neglect and heartbreak!!

Thanks Katie and Gregor for sending us this bright spot!

We do believe that Harley is sticking his tongue out at us though!


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