July 15, 2015: ACN Converts a Collector

As all of us in animal welfare know, some people just get in over their heads and end up with way too many animals, living in “not so great” conditions with no medical care and no spay neuter.

We had dealt with one woman for many years, she refused to spay and neuter no matter how hard we tried. Every time we saw her she would state “she was taking her cats out for breeding”. She would feed stray feral cats and then bring the kittens all into her house. She would call ACN when the animals became very sick to have them picked up, including 12 ring neck doves which we living in a horribly filthy cage with no food and water for a long time.  (Thankfully we were able to get these lovely doves into a rescue).  We tried for years, but had to give up on this address and the lady moved, the house was condemned.

Years later we located her at another location, she had gone up to the Michigan Animal Rescue League asking to bring in cats (she knew she was getting in over her head again) Of course MARL obliged and also relayed the information to ACN. Between the two of our groups, 14 cats and kittens and two dogs were surrendered to receive care, love and go up for adoption once healthy.  MARL and ACN volunteers spoke with her at length about not repeating what she had done years ago and we actually got through this time.

So we are proud that this owner only has three cats and one little dog and that they are all spayed and neutered and vaccinated. What’s done is done, the past is the past, important thing is that her animals are fixed now and that she will call us if she gets any more. We will absolutely continue to monitor this address because things can change very quickly!

Thanks to MARL and our volunteers for participating in this situation!!!


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