July 13, 2015: Rescue Puppy Goes to Great New Home

The Animal Care Network received a call about a puppy that had been abandoned when the owners moved and left her, she had been hiding in a neighbors backyard for over a week they stated.

ACN responded and Andi was rescued, it was evident that she had been beaten because for the first few days she screamed whenever anyone went to touch her. Andi got very social and very healthy in her foster home.

The foster home’s next door neighbor had lost their beloved dog Gracie last year and really were not ready for another but they just couldn’t get this puppy out of their mind.

So Jack and Marty, two of the nicest, finest people you could ever meet took Andi home for a sleepover and guess what? She never came back to her foster home, except to get spayed.

Andi is now living the high life, being spoiled by Jack and Marty and loved by everyone in the neighborhood.

Couldn’t have gotten a nicer home!!

Thanks Jack and Marty and family!!!


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