July 10, 2015: Multiple Pet Households

A pet owner contacted Animal Care Network to see if she could get some help with dog food. She has five dogs, had never asked for help before and was just having financial difficulties.

When talking to her, we found out that she had two of her dogs fixed years ago, when she was able to afford it, but as we all know things change.

We advised her that we would love to help her, but the other three dogs would have to be fixed as well and explained that we have financial assistance and transportation available.
Say no more! She was all in! So last week her other three dogs, a chow mix and two Chihuahuas got fixed and vaccinated!

These are all very nice dogs and a very nice lady, just needed some help. We also provided her with lots of dog food and treats! Here is another address taken care of, another address that will not be adding to the pet overpopulation.

multiple pet households June 2015

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