July 1, 2015: Backyard Chained Dogs – Flies

The poor dogs that live chained up in the backyard 24/7 have enough neglect, abuse and isolation in their life, now that summer is here we have to add the flies to their already long list of problems.

There are steps that owners can take to give these dogs some relief such as keeping the area clean, picking up feces regularly, putting up fly no pest strips in the trees and applying safe products that can be purchased at the pet store or tractor supply. These steps
rarely happen, so as usual the team steps in and intervenes. We stock up on safe and effective flies off products to give these dogs some much needed relief.

One of the products is pink, but we believe these dogs would rather be pink than to be eaten alive and driven mad by flies. We are just in the beginning of the season, some dogs literally have their ears and face area eaten off, bloodied and maggot infested!!

The teams were out all weekend checking on outdoor dogs. If you look closely at the black dog the flies have literally attached themselves to his entire body, just look at his poor face.

The second dog is enjoying some much needed relief while Marie applies the pink flies off lotion.

Good job team!

ACN 6-28-15 FLIES

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