January 5, 2014: Never Give Up on Spay and Neuter

Sometimes the Animal Care Network has to work on addresses and pet owners long term to get them to spay and neuter their pets.

This particular address had dogs and cats that were having litter after litter.  For years we approached them about spay neuter, time after time, they were not interested!

Well when we started getting their family and friends dogs and cats done, something changed their minds!  They finally called and wanted to get their dogs and cats fixed!

We provided transportation and ended up getting three dogs and seven cats fixed and vaccinated!!  The dogs were also treated for skin conditions and ear infections thanks to our friends at All About Animals!!

Moral of the story…..don’t give up!!!  Addresses like these are such a huge accomplishment for the Animal Care Network team!!! Not to mention the health benefits and vet care that the dogs and cats received!

We do follow up checks on all spay neuter recipients and these dogs and cats look wonderful now….and now they qualify for our food assistance program.   Win Win!!

Never give up on spay neuter

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