January 4, 2015: Spay and Neuter – Food Assistance

Meet Mark, what a cool guy!  There is Diamond and Lucy at the door too!  Mark had his two cats fixed through our spay neuter program, then rescued Diamond from the streets and also had her spayed and vaccinated as well.

Last month he heard about someone getting rid of Lucy and he went and got her and fell in love with her too!  So guess what, Mark called to get Lucy fixed and vaccinated also.  Not only does he get his own animals fixed but he tells his family and friends about the program which has resulted in many more dogs and cats getting fixed in our target area!

We are happy to help him with cat and dog food whenever he needs the assistance.  He also keeps his pets in the house as you can see.

Great job Mark!!!  During tough times you are still doing the right thing!

spay and neuter - food assistance

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