January 30, 2015: Toy Story

The Animal Care Network received a wonderful donation of dog and cat toys, so we distributed them to some of our favorite pet owners!!

Meet Harley, Frank and Boots, quite the trio they are!!! Owned by two of our favorite people Gregor and Katie.

Little did we know that these guys even have their own “toy” room, so we dropped off the new toys and off they went, into toy heaven.

Boots the cat doesn’t seem as enthused as Harley and Frank, but they all sent a thank you message to the ACN for all the new toys.

By the way, all three of these pets were spayed and neutered through the Animal Care Network many years ago.

Gregor and Katie treat these guys like family and they are always on the lookout for dogs and cats in need in our target area.

This is so cool! We love you guys!!! Thank you so much for sending the pictures!!!



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