January 28, 2015: Winter Brutal on Outdoor and Feral Cats

The teams continue to see feral and outdoor cats everywhere in this freezing cold weather, they are trying to find shelter, food, something to drink and are out mating and fighting.  The cats in our target area are greatly at risk, not many people feed them, many are attacked by dogs, many are poisoned, tortured or shot.  Life on these streets is not good for them, we will continue to find many dead throughout the winter.  There are very few “caretakers” here for the cats.  They are sick, starving, injured and frostbitten.

Attempts are always made to catch and rescue these guys, but many are feral and too scared to be caught.  The teams found several unused/vacant doghouses in backyard that were being utilized by cats, so they filled them up with straw and left food and water.

The volunteers do trap some of the cats when they look very sick or where dead cats have been found. Yes, sadly some of them have to be humanely put to sleep, which is better than the death that they will succumb to on these mean streets!

winter brutal on outdoor and feral cats

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