January 27, 2015: Thank You Laura Shaw

A big thank you to our friend and longtime supporter Laura Shaw!!

Laura is consistently donating supplies to the Animal Care Network program.

She donated some much needed metal bowls and a bunch of “Made in the USA” rawhides for the outdoor dogs. As you can see these rawhides make them so happy and they will usually carry them around while the team is on site and then get to work on them when we leave!

When they live on a chain and have the same monotonous existence day after day, sadly it does not take much to make these poor guys happy!

It just takes something as small as this to brighten their day!

A friendly greeting, some loving petting and attention, some straw to warm them, some food and water, and a nice big rawhide truly makes these lonely dogs happy!!!

Thank you Laura for always thinking of these guys!!


thank you laura shaw


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