January 27, 2015: ACN Weekend Team #2

Sadly, it is not against the law to keep dogs chained up outside 24/7.

On the streets this weekend we actually were pleased to see that some of the dogs were not on chains and the owners had actually made efforts to shield these dogs from the frigid wind and temperatures.

Joe and Pico had the run of the yard and are loving every minute of it!

One of the owners actually put a carport set up around the dog house with a couch a few feet in front of the door to block the wind.  Another owner put their wooden doghouse up on a sturdy wooden platform to keep the snow out and a third owner used a plastic Purina dogfood bag as door flaps on their two doghouses and they were still intact!

As much as we want to see these dogs inside, we know that is not going to happen so we have to give people credit for the making an effort!

acn weekend team #2

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