January 26, 2015: ACN Ride Along with Reitz Family Fund

The Michigan Animal Adoption Network/Animal Care Network was joined on the streets by Dawn and Kelsey from the Reitz Family Fund!

Their foundation did some research on our organization and recognized the valuable, life saving work that we do on the streets every day and contacted us in consideration for a grant.

Dawn and Kelsey were awesome out on the streets and truly appreciate the difficult work that all of us do out there every single day.

Before their departure, they awarded us with a grant to be used for our low/no cost spay and neuter program for owned dogs and cats in our target area!!!

Remember spay and neuter is the key to reducing the pet overpopulation and to achieving everyone’s goal of No More Homeless Pets.

Our goal is to get EVERY dog and cat spayed and neutered in our target area, regardless of age, sex or breed. Our food assistance program mandates that ALL dogs and cats in the household be fixed, so this funding will allow us to offer financial assistance and transportation to 150 more dogs and cats!!! Wow!

A heartfelt thank you to the Reitz Family Fund and to Dawn and Kelsey for joining the team, you gals were naturals out there!

We are blessed and honored to have been chosen for this amazing gift!!


ACN ride along with REitz Family Fund

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