January 22, 2015: Cookie and Diamond

Last year we wrote a story about a senior dog Diamond that had been spayed late in life. That spay not only saved her life but extended it for many years.

In 2009 when Diamond was over ten years old, she became seriously ill, she was diagnosed with pyometra and needed immediate surgery to be spayed and tend to the infection.  The owners did not have much money.

Thanks to a spay neuter grant and All About Animals immediate response, we got Diamond in right away and she was spayed and the deadly infection was cleaned out of her uterus.

She would have died within a day or two…. but because of our spay neuter program and All About Animals willingness to step in, she lived five more years to a ripe old age of 15 years old.


Toni and Will lost Diamond a few months ago and were not ready to get another dog yet….until they found a starving, abandoned dog eating garbage by a dumpster and had to stop to help her, planning on calling ACN to pick her up……..fast forward, they fell in love and instead of calling to have Cookie picked up, they fattened her up and called to have her spayed!!!

Cookie was spayed and vaccinated through the Animal Care Network spay neuter program for owned dogs and cats.   She is an absolute doll with personality plus.

Diamond is forever in our hearts, but Cookie came along for a reason and this is a perfect match!!

Will and Toni learned from their experience with Diamond about how important spay neuter is and paid attention!!!
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cookie and diamond


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