January 22, 2015: ACN Food Assistance Program

The Animal Care Network can make 20 – 30 food drops in one day!!!

Thanks to your donations and generous supporters food drives we were able to give extra food to get pet owners through the holidays,
and extra surprises, treats and toys. So much fun this is…..people are so very appreciative and grateful.

It is so heartwarming and rewarding to be a part of this program,  but an added bonus is every single one of these dogs and cats have been spayed and neutered through the ACN spay neuter program!!!

One of our recipients Brigit kindly left a message on the ACN voicemail  saying “We got your package, we all want you to know how much we appreciate you.  Without the Animal Care Network, King would not be as happy, beautiful and healthy as he is.  We really appreciate you and want you all to have a very happy holiday season. Happy New Year!?


ACN Food Assistance Program

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