January 20, 2015: ACN Spay Neuter Stops

Many of the addresses that the street teams stop at are new addresses that we have never been to before.

Any time that we see a doghouse, dog, cat or any indication that an address has dogs or cats, that address will go on the list.

More times than not, thanks to the great communication and educational efforts of our volunteers, we have serious interest in our low/no cost spay neuter program.

These were two new addresses on Team Marie’s list, which resulted in Panda, a female pit bull, and Zeus and Thor, a cat and dog duo, getting fixed and vaccinated through our program!!   This makes these visits invaluable!

Not only were we at ACN excited about this, but the owners were so grateful to take advantage of our program!!

Every single dog and cat that gets fixed not only reduces the pet overpopulation but makes the health and temperament of the animal better!!!

So bravo to all the volunteers out there that promote spay and neuter so successfully to the community that we serve!

Also bravo to the pet owners for believing in spay neuter!! You are part of the solution, not part of the problem!!!!


acn spay neuter stops

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