January 16, 2015: Food Assistance Program After the Holidays

Santa Paws is still out celebrating the New Year delivering dog and cat food to pet owners in the community that we serve.

The Animal Care Network volunteers are busy doing dog and cat food drops and always try to leave extra treats and toys for the holidays

The owners are so appreciative, this is one less expense that they have to worry about during the holiday season.

We appreciate that all of these food assistance recipients believe in spay and neuter and got all their animals fixed through our program.  We like to reward them for being responsible!

It is extra great when we are greeted by the dogs being in the house!  Another reward!

The Animal Care Network helps hundreds of pet owners and dogs and cats every month with food.  Please consider doing a dog and cat food drive for our community pet food assistance program.

We are always in desperate need of DRY dog and cat food!!!

food assistance program after the holidays

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