January 15, 2015: Valiant Effort to Catch Stray, Hungry, Cold Cats

As we have said in the past, the Animal Care Network will leave no dog or cat behind that we see on the streets!

Even if we have no room or no foster home available, we will not leave these “at risk” cats and dogs behind.  We will figure something out or take to one of our local shelter partners.  We will keep them in the safety of the cages or carriers in our rescue vehicles if we have to, which we do nearly every day!

If we have the opportunity to rescue or catch an “at risk” animal, how could we just drive away and leave it there?  We just could not even fathom doing that.

Sadly we witness on a daily basis what can happen to these dogs and cats and believe us, most times it is a fate worse that humane euthanasia.


valiant effort to catch stray hungry cold cats

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