January 13, 2015: Two Rescue Sisters from a Litter Rescued Over Three Years Ago

DALMATION MIX LITTER YEARS LATERThis story was written by Nick, a great friend to the animals and a volunteer dog walker at the Michigan Animal Rescue League. The Animal Care Network rescued this litter of eight nearly four years ago and we were able to get them into the Michigan Animal Rescue League. This is about two of the sister puppies, adoptable into separate homes by complete strangers, that got to meet up again later in life!    Great story, great reading!

 One day my best friend texted me a picture of this little puppy with a black spot on her eye (who was at Fox 2 at the time promoting some MARL event).  I thought she was just sending a cute picture yet within a couple of hours on my lunch break,we were on our way to look at Venice (her name at time), a pointer/ dalmation puppy from a litter of 8 called the Florida litter.  Obviously my friends adopted this dog Venice, now Bodhi, and she has a great spoiled life.

 About 5 months after adopting Bodhi, my friends were downtown Royal Oak working at their office, when they saw a man and a little girl walking a dog very similar looking to Bodhi. After chatting and petting Luna (previously Bonita), it was very obvious that this was Bodhi’s sister.   Now what are the chances of that!!!!

They arranged a meeting for them to play. After a few minutes of uncertainty, these two started running around playing tag and chase. They kept scheduling play dates every now and then, and these two would just run around playing for hours!!!!!!!! There so much alike in there actions yet they are different, yet saying that there are days I will mix them up. They really love and enjoy each other, so much that we have to say there names in code,otherwise they will go to the window and stare in anticipation of their sister showing up!!

There have been so many blessing with this encounter. First being, we have developed a great friendship with this family. They represent their community very well and have such a genuine warmness and kindness which seems hard to find these days.

Secondly, we get to see the bond two sisters can have.  Now we get to see how a family bond works between two sisters who were separated for a while but now get to meet up and have fun.

Finally, and most importantly, I am the guy who gets to walk and pet sit them.  I am proud to say I’m the man in the middle who gets tangled up with Bodhi and Luna, also known as the Pointer sisters, aka,”The Bozos”.  I can quite honestly say that watching them play in the yard is sometimes better than watching T.V.  Only problem is that they cant understand why I don’t point at birds and squirrels!!

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