January 13, 2015: Proper Shelter

The owner of Lady and Batman called the Animal Care Network asking for doghouses and help with food.

“Are your dogs fixed?”  No, he answered.

We replied “we can help you with both if we get your dogs spayed and neutered.”  After several weeks of haggling and being as persuasive as possible, Lady and Batman went in to be fixed and vaccinated.  After their incisions healed we had to follow through on our part of the bargain, two new doghouses were delivered.

Check out what they had for shelter before the doghouses, makeshift milk carton house and the second doghouse was broken and leaking from holes in the roof.

The volunteers always try to rescue any dogs and cats that aren’t being treated well and we do not condone living outside on a chain 24/7.  These dogs are going to live like this whether we help them or not, so we try to get them fixed, educate the owner and make the situation better.  One less litter in the backyard and another address that we will monitor.

Please donate to this life-saving program so that we can continue to assist these dogs and cats and decrease the pet overpopulation in our target areas!!!


proper shelter

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