January 10, 2015: Meet Little Sable

Meet little Sable!

Josh rescued Sable when she was a puppy and knew what a commitment to a dog, let alone a bully breed, could entail.

He called the ACN wanting to get her spayed and vaccinated as soon as possible!  Thanks to a spay neuter partnership with Michigan Animal Rescue League we were able to help Josh get Sable spayed and vaccinated for only $25.00!

Most people think you have to wait until your dog has a heat cycle or wait until they are a certain age. This is not true!!!  We are a firm believer in early spay neuter!

So is Josh, not only did he want to take advantage of this wonderful limited program, but he did not want any so called “accidents”!

Early spay neuter makes for a healthier pet, bypasses many behavioral problems AND they recover quicker!!!




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