January 1, 2015: Thank You Michigan Animal Rescue League

The Animal Care Network would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the Michigan Animal Rescue League!!

We are all very grateful for your partnership, support and your commitment and dedication to the community that we both serve!

We cannot thank you enough for the hundreds and hundreds of dogs and cats that you have taken from our Animal Care Network runs, both in Pontiac, Inkster and beyond.  Too many faces to even post!!!  So many of these dogs and cats have come from the worst of the worst, so the transition at MARL is really truly rewarding.

Our job on the streets does not always have happy endings so when we can save animals and watch them get the care, love and homes that they deserve, that makes it all worthwhile.  This makes the tragedy, heartbreak and sadness that we witness every single day on the streets a little bit easier to tolerate.

Your generosity is never ending and it is a pleasure to worth with the amazing staff and volunteers.

It is so much more productive to be able to work alongside such great organizations such as MARL, as well as Oakland County Pet Adoption Center and Animal Control, Michigan Humane Society, All About Animals and Ross Hospital for Animals.

Much of the work that we do would not be possible with working relationships such as these.  It only benefits the animals and makes a difficult job much more bearable!!!

With all of your support, we know that we are not in this alone!!!  Many, many thanks!


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