January 1, 2015: A.C.N. Dog Knowledge

The Animal Care Network is familiar with most dogs in our target  area!

Sissy was spayed two years ago through our spay neuter program. ACN always does follow up checks on thousands of dogs and cats! We worry about many of the animals that we meet, many of them are in not so stable homes, possible evictions, foreclosure, some are even squatting.

Upon making a follow up visit on Sissy, we found out that the owner was incarcerated and had either given Sissy away or “let her go” according to the neighbor, she wasn’t quite sure. This was a really cool little dog and we were worried.

Four months later, we received a call from a couple that we have helped with spay and neuter in the past. They had found a skinny dirty dog on the streets several weeks earlier, they looked for the owner but no luck, so they decided to keep her and wanted her spayed.

When the appointment date arrived and we went to pick the dog up, it was Sissy! Who knows where she was for all these months but at least she ended up at the right house, an animal lover!

Sissy is doing great with her neutered Chihuahua brother and Deb and John just love her.

She is one of the lucky ones, many of these dogs that are “let go” are not so fortunate, many are never seen again.

Our Winter Fundraiser is still going on, please donate via Paypal at www.michigananimaladoptionnetwork.org.

acn dog knowledge

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