February 9, 2015: Cats – MARL

One of the animal lovers in our target area witnessed a van pull up to a park and dump three cats out of the vehicle, at the start of our first cold spell.  How disgusting, with three great animals shelter within minutes from the area, they chose to LET GO or DUMP these poor hungry cats!!!   No, they were not able to get a license plate number or we would have reported this act of animal cruelty/abandonment.

Thankfully we were able to catch two of the cats, but sadly after searching, leaving a trap out and looking for several weeks the third cat was never found.

Thanks to Michigan Animal Rescue League for coming to the rescue once again and taking these cats into their adoption program, where they will be medically cared for and spayed and neutered before adoption!!!

We at ACN are always grateful for our “eyes” and “ears” in the community.

Many lives had been saved due to the eyes and ears!

Thank you to our community animal lovers and MARL!!!

cats marl

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