February 25, 2015: Toby – Blizzard Rescue

The ACN received a call late at night, regarding a small dog that had been beat up by the owner and thrown out in the snow, this was during below freezing temps and falling snow.  Sadly the little dog went right back to the door of his abusive owner and waiting to be let back in. Talk about devotion huh? These poor dogs are still loyal and faithful to their neglectful owners.

Thankfully a good hearted couple in the complex paid attention and had words with the owner, who she stated she didn’t want him anymore because he had made “a mess” while she was gone and she was going to kill him.

The kind neighbors took Toby to their place where ACN immediately picked up this darling, super friendly little guy.

Thankfully we were able to get him into the Michigan Animal Rescue League adoption program, where he will find a wonderful home.

No, nothing is going to happen to the abusive previous owner. Please don’t ask us why, because we do not have the answer to that nor did we witness it first hand.  The best that our organization can do is get them out of the situation!

Life will now be good for this adorable little guy, what a face!


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