February 24, 2015: The Best That We Can Do

Sadly, in our target areas, many dogs live outside, chained up 24/7, 365 days a year.

As we all know it is not illegal to keep dogs in this manner!

ACN received a call from a dog owner that needed straw. Upon pulling in the driveway, there was no dog visible, no barking, just a chain leading into the doghouse. This guy was freezing cold. ACN provided straw and fed and watered him. Unfortunately we are unable to remove dogs from situations like these. The owner was not willing to surrender the dog. His weight was also not good enough to sustain himself in this cold, not emaciated but thin. We don’t understand how some survive and others freeze to death.

ACN had a serious talk with the owner about dogs freezing to death and how they needed to bring him inside immediately.

We are having Ace neutered as soon as possible and then will provide the owner with a crate so that this poor cold guy can be inside at least for the rest of this brutal winter! This is he best that we can do in this situation.


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