February 24, 2015: Spay and Neuter – Brownie

In October we took this picture of this adorable little puppy sitting by his very own Hummer! We had left the owner with our ACN packet at that time.  We always worry what will happen to these puppies, will they get their vaccines, will they die of parvo, will they end up being passed around from home to home or chained up in a backyard or on the streets.

We are happy to say, not Brownie!  Brownie’s owner Brian actually followed through on all of his puppy’s shots and then called ACN to get him neutered at four months of age!!! Early spay and neuter YES!!!

Brownie is an awesome puppy. Brian and his wife are doing a great job with him, he looks great and has a wonderful temperament!

The Animal Care Network was able to cover Brownie’s neutering thanks to a grant from the Reitz Family Fund.

Great job Brian and family!!!


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