February 23, 2015: Cats Outside During Brutal Cold

On a routine ACN stop, we noticed over ten cats trying to stay warm at the house next door.  They were huddled up against every heat vent and taking refuge in two small dogloos that were obviously put out by the resident to help them stay warm.  The dogloo were beginning to fill with snow.  We put some straw in the houses and dumped some food, they all came scrambling to eat as we were pulling away.  They were clearly feral.

No one was home.

Sadly the stray, feral cat problem is overwhelming in our target areas and it is not always a safe environment for these guys.

We will revisit this address and attempt to trap these cats or see if the resident is interested in getting them spayed and neutered.  Many of the females are clearly pregnant, so this problem will begin to expand very soon.  It all started with ONE unfixed cat!!!


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