February 2, 2015: Starting the New Year Right

Happy New Year to everyone! Well the first month of 2015 has been very productive!

In January 2015, 1209 total visits/stops were made!!!

This includes wellness/welfare checks, rechecks, straw stuffs, doghouse deliveries, food drops, doghouse repair, complaints, spay neuter pick ups, you name it!

We have already gone through over 125 bales of straw to keep the outdoor animals warm!!

62 dogs and cats were rescued

67 owned dogs and cats were spayed and neutered

Our work is cut out for us so we will continue to work on the streets every day, rescuing, educating, assisting, spaying and neutering and providing a lifesaving community service to our target areas!

Hopefully in 2015 things will improve for the animals in our target areas.

Hopefully we will continue to be blessed with amazing volunteers, supporters, donors, grantors and some incredible partnerships with shelters, rescue groups and veterinarians!


starting the new year right

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