December 27, 2015: A Busy Day

A few photos from Animal Care Network visits over the weekend in Pontiac…

Here is a pooch enjoying a yummy holiday meal courtesy of The Animal Care Network!


New volunteer Jimmy’s first day…We think he is doing a great job already! 


Here is one of the many new doghouses received from our holiday promotion. We gave it away after the dog was sterilized. Thank you to all who donated! We would absolutely love to get to 50 houses before the end of the year. We are SO close! 

IMG_20151227_122900229_HDR IMG_20151227_123403073

Each address we visit receives our packet with important information regarding all our services.


Butt scratches by John!


One of our sterilization recipients came out to say hello to the team and then right back in the house!


No caption needed…