August 6, 2015: Many years of Working on this Address

The Animal Care Network does not give up on getting dogs and cats spayed and neutered. Especially in the case of backyard outdoor dogs that are being bred over and over again. We cannot assist people that are contributing to the pet overpopulation, so if they will not comply with our guidelines, we have to move on……but we always keep trying. This is one of those addresses.

Many of the dogs that we check on live outside 24/7 and there is nothing that we can do about that but persuade and educate the owners to give the dogs a better and more humane living environment.

We decided to put this address back on the list and give it another try. Thanks to the smooth talking from Team Captains Rose and Kim on a weekend stop, they were able to get the owners to agree. These dogs have lived outside their entire lives and their doghouses were a disaster. Rose and Kim told them that we would provide new doghouses if the dogs got fixed, that is another part of the Animal Care Network program for outdoor dogs. Now lets see if the owners follow through…..

Well we picked up Miracle and Dolla on Friday and these two super cool, friendly dogs went to All About Animals where they got fixed and vaccinated and were able to spend the night to recover.

As sad as this is to say, sometimes we have to rate the backyard situation and some are better than others. There was not one speck of garbage or feces in the dogs area, Dolla has a very long runner the entire length of the yard, both dogs are still friendly, both have great weight and both have shade. These dogs are fed and watered every day, are not beaten or hand shy and are very social.

So the moral of the story is, because we do not give up, there will be no more puppies being born in this backyard and Miracle and Dolla have brand new doghouses and are up to date on their vaccines! Of course we asked that the dogs be kept inside to recover and completely heal from their surgery, that may or may not happen.

Another job well done and we will continue to check on two more of our favorite dogs in the city!


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