August 6, 2015: In Memory of Madde

In loving memory of “Madde” which stands for Michelle And Dana’s Dog E.

Madde was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society in Westland in April 2001.
She was a very loyal dog and had some fun and quirky habits. She would try to bite your tongue if you stuck it out, she would scoot her butt down the stairs to itch her bottom, and she loved rolling in the grass and anything stinky! She was the Queen of the house and even though she was aging she still loved to play with her toys, go for walks, and beg for food.

She loved boat and golfcart rides, and was a great camping dog!

Madde aged very gracefully and many of us thought of her as the “matriarch” of the neighborhood.  Loved her white face so much!

Rest in peace Madde, you are very much missed by the Thompson family, friends and neighbors!
In memory of madde

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