August 5, 2015: RIP Wishbone

Another heartbreaking loss of one of our owns four legged family members.
Our President, friend and huge animal advocate Marie lost her beloved Wishbone
this week.

She rescued this unique little guy many years ago from the torture
and abuse at Pollywood Pet’s in the Gibraltor Trade Center. He was very
affected by his time at this awful place but Marie gave him the love, patience
and understanding to live a full, happy, normal life alongside his four legged
buddy Georgia. Marie’s always referred to them as the “old married couple”
He looked like a character out of a cartoon book and his little legs and feet
were exquisite and gave him character. What a neat little man he was!!!

From Marie:
RIP my little Wishbone. It never gets easier when having to let them go.
My heart is truly warmed with all of the support. Now I dry my eyes and soon will
honor him by adopting another. Love you Wishey!

wishbone memorial

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