August 5, 2015: One Address Many Years

Even though the volunteers are out on the streets constantly and have been for years and years, what we witness continues to break our hearts and keeps us up many a night.

Since it is not illegal to chain your dogs outside 24/7 and if the owners will not surrender the dogs, the only thing our group can do is report the addresses to animal control and/or attempt to educate, offer to get the dogs spayed and neutered, provide adequate shelter, assist with food and attempt to make their miserable, monotonous lives more comfortable even if it is one day out of the month.

It took us years to get these two senior girls spayed, they were both having litters year after year. We finally convinced the owners after telling them we would not be able to assist them with anything further. As hard as it is for us to do that, if they will not spay or neuter or surrender, we have to move on. We absolutely refuse to enable as far as backyard breeding and adding litter after litter to our already problematic target area.

So these two are on our regular route once a month and boy are they happy when the team gets there. Their sorrowful faces become lit up with joy and the tails do not stop wagging. Keep in mind these two dogs were initially very aggressive with us, now they cannot wait to get their full body massages with the flies off pink lotion. They do not mind being pink at all, as a matter of fact they love it!

This is the best that we can do and at least for the last three years they have not been having litters. Until next month ladies!


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