August 3, 2015: Pearl and Cream

The Animal Care Network has known Pearl and Cream for years. We finally succeeded in getting Pearl spayed last year but were still working on Cream. They lived outside in doghouses most of the time but the owner did bring them in at night and in the winter. At least they were not on the chain 24/7 like many are.

Well they lost their house and Pearl and Cream were relocated to another yard in the area. We spoke with the resident at this home who told us the dogs were only allowed to be there temporary, the owner did not want to give them up. They only had one doghouse
between the two of them.

We stopped to check on them during a horrible thunderstorm, they were soaking wet, covered in mud. They were not allowed in the house at all. We were able to get them surrendered thankfully and had to remove an embedding choke chain from Cream with
bolt cutters!

The dogs are in a foster home at this time. Pearl is doing very well. Even though these two dogs lived together their entire lives Cream is EXTREMELY aggressive with other dogs.

If you would like to adopt or foster a large breed dog that needs socialization, training and rehabilitation please call our office at 248-545-5055. Experience is a must.

Foster homes are always needed at the spur of the moment because many of our rescues are not always planned. We will not turn any dog away that gets surrendered on our Animal Care Network runs, regardless of space!!!


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